Horizontal Sleeve Machines

Horizontal Sleeve Machines

Our Automatic Sleeve Applicator SVM-GY series is specially designed for applying Sleeve labels on small diameters and thin products.Our single lane machine is made of the highest quality materials with the latest technology in our field.

Automatic Sleeve Applicator SVM-GY series is designed for high volume production rates and is a perfect solution for demanding industries including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics, health and beauty and chemical industries

Our outstanding designs increase your production rates day and night.

Our Machine can be controlled from LCD touchscreen that gives the user good interaction with the machine.


Technical specifications :


  • Our machine is manufactured from  stainless steel AISI304.
  • The working range of our machine (related to the additional equipments) :
  • Product’s Diameter from 20 mm.
  • Product’s height from 20 to 150 mm.
  • PLC System and all the Electric drives and compnents ( brand : OMRON Japan ).
  • Servo motors are R88 model motion control (brand : OMRON Japan ).
  • All the settings and modes can be adjusted directly from the touch screen monitor.
  • Product adjustment system.
  • Electrical heat shrink tunnel.
  • Capacity : up to 2500 Pcs/hr.



Ürün Bilgi

Item Width Product Length Range Capacity Conveyor Length Leister Machine Dimensions Electricity Machine Weight
Max. 40 mm Max 150 mm 2000 Ad/Saat 2500 mm 2 Adet 1100 X 2500 X 1000 mm 380 V 750 Kg


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