Automatic Bottle Washing Disinfecting Filling and Capping Line

Automatic cap feeding elevator

Model: SVM-CME001

The lid feed elevator ensures that screw-on, flip-top or clamped lids are fed quickly and perfectly to the lid closing machine. It is the most economical and common system with a wide range of product sorting. It raises the corks correctly positioned and directs them towards the cork dispensing mouth by means of a guide. It can also be manufactured according to different cover diameters.

Technical specifications
Made of 304 grade material
Feeding caps of different diameters
Optional sensor control
Tilt range up to 0-20 degrees
Habasit modular belt

Speed control installation.

  1. Automatic cover feeding system: An automatic cover feeding system is a mechanism that automatically carries and loads covers. This system retrieves covers from a specific location, transports them, and places them at the desired destination. Automatic cover feeding systems are commonly used in production lines to ensure a continuous and smooth feeding of covers.

  2. Cover transport elevator: A cover transport elevator is a device used to vertically transport covers either upwards or downwards. These elevators typically have a vertical shaft and transport covers from a specific point to the desired location through conveyor belts or other mechanisms. Cover transport elevators are essential components of automatic cover feeding systems.

  3. Automatic cover loading systems: Automatic cover loading systems are designed to load covers quickly and efficiently. These systems retrieve covers in the correct position, transport them, and place them at the target location. Automatic cover loading systems are commonly used in industrial production lines, increasing productivity.

  4. Feeding elevator: A feeding elevator is a device used to lift or lower materials or objects. In the case of cover feeding elevators, they facilitate the feeding process by raising or lowering covers to a specific level. These elevators are typically integrated into conveyor systems, ensuring a continuous material flow.

  5. Automatic cover transport mechanism: An automatic cover transport mechanism refers to a specialized mechanism used to retrieve, transport, and position covers. This mechanism ensures covers are directed to the correct position and desired location. Automatic cover transport mechanisms are typically integrated with automation systems, enhancing productivity in manufacturing processes.

  6. Cover feeding and loading equipment: Cover feeding and loading equipment refers to various tools and equipment used to feed, transport, and load covers. These equipment may include conveyor belts, automatic feeding mechanisms, storage and feeding areas for cover stacks, and more. Cover feeding and loading equipment enhances efficiency in automatic cover processing.

  7. Automatic cover feeding solutions: Automatic cover feeding solutions refer to integrated systems designed to automatically feed covers in production processes. These solutions typically involve a range of technologies and equipment to ensure covers are accurately positioned, efficiently transported, placed, and processed. The goal of automatic cover feeding solutions is to increase efficiency while reducing labor costs.

  8. Cover processing elevator: A cover processing elevator is a device used when covers need to be adjusted in terms of height for a specific processing or production step. These elevators raise covers to a particular height level, enabling feeding into processing or packaging equipment. Cover processing elevators facilitate uninterrupted processes on production lines.

  9. Automatic cover transport technology: Automatic cover transport technology refers to various technological solutions used for the automatic transportation and guidance of covers. These technologies may include conveyor systems, robotic arms, image processing systems, sensors, and automation controls. Automatic cover transport technology enhances line efficiency while minimizing human intervention.

  10. Cover feeding systems and equipment: Cover feeding systems and equipment refer to specialized systems and tools designed for the feeding and transportation of covers. These systems and equipment ensure covers are correctly retrieved, transported, and positioned at the target location. Elements such as conveyor belts, automatic feeding mechanisms, storage and feeding areas for cover stacks fall under this category.

  11. Automatic cover feeding and loading machines: Automatic cover feeding and loading machines are specialized machines that automatically feed, transport, and place covers. These machines typically operate through a combination of mechanical and electronic components. Automatic cover feeding and loading machines increase efficiency and reduce error rates on production lines.

  12. Cover transport and feeding mechanism: A cover transport and feeding mechanism is a system designed to retrieve, transport, and feed covers to the target locations in the correct position. This mechanism carries covers along a specific path, ensuring their placement at the intended points. Cover transport and feeding mechanisms enhance efficiency and operational continuity in automatic cover processing.

  13. Automatic cover feeding equipment: Automatic cover feeding equipment refers to specialized equipment designed to automatically retrieve, transport, and place covers. This equipment may include conveyor belts, feeding mechanisms, gripping systems, and manipulators, among other components. Automatic cover feeding equipment enhances productivity in high-speed and continuous production processes.

  14. Cover transport and loading system: A cover transport and loading system is an integrated system designed to retrieve, transport, and place covers at target locations. This system ensures covers are efficiently transported and accurately positioned. Cover transport and loading systems increase efficiency and reduce labor requirements in automatic cover processing.

  15. Automatic cover feeding machine: An automatic cover feeding machine is a machine that automatically feeds and transports covers. This machine retrieves covers in the correct position, transports them, and places them at the target locations. Automatic cover feeding machines enhance operational continuity and efficiency while reducing operator fatigue in production lines.


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