Glass Bottle Outer Washing Machine

Model: SVM-YM001

Technical Specifications

  1. Our Main construction of the machine made from Stainless Steel AISI304.
  2. Washing  process through linear line system.
  3. The machine can be synchronized with the automatic filling machine.
  4. Accroding to the given products and bottles the machine will be designed.
  5. Before filling process  the bottle will be sterilized 
  6. Work with both plastic and glass bottles
  7. Reducer motors ( varvel-Italy)
  8. PLC system and frequency drivers (OMRON – Japan)
  9. Capacity : 2700 bottle / hr


  1. Glass Bottle Cleaning Machine: A glass bottle cleaning machine is a specialized equipment designed to effectively clean the external surfaces of glass bottles. It is commonly used in industrial-scale operations and employs various cleaning methods to remove dirt, oil, labels, residues, and other contaminants from the bottles.

  2. External Washing Machine for Bottles: An external washing machine for bottles is a device specifically designed to clean the outer surfaces of glass bottles. This machine performs the washing process by using water, detergents, or chemical solutions. It is often utilized in industrial production facilities, bottle filling lines, or restaurants.

  3. Glass Bottle Washing Equipment: Glass bottle washing equipment refers to a range of machines and accessories dedicated to ensuring the hygienic cleaning of glass bottles. These equipment are designed to remove dirt, microorganisms, and contaminants from the external surfaces of the bottles, enabling them to be reused or refilled.

  4. Automatic Glass Bottle Washing: Automatic glass bottle washing is a process in which glass bottles are cleaned automatically or semi-automatically. In this process, the bottles typically go through different cleaning stages while moving along a conveyor belt. Automatic washing machines utilize water sprays, brushes, or air jets to clean the glass bottles effectively.

  5. Industrial Glass Bottle Cleaning: Industrial glass bottle cleaning refers to professional cleaning systems used in large-scale production facilities or bottle filling lines. These systems ensure efficient cleaning of glass bottles while maintaining high levels of hygiene. Industrial glass bottle washing machines often have high processing capacities and automated control features.

  6. Glass Bottle Washing Machines: Glass bottle washing machines encompass a variety of machines available in different sizes, capacities, and functions. These machines utilize water spray systems, brushes, air jets, or other cleaning methods to effectively clean glass bottles. They are commonly used in industrial manufacturing facilities.

  7. Glass Bottle Washing Systems: Glass bottle washing systems comprise comprehensive setups designed for the automatic or semi-automatic cleaning of glass bottles. These systems usually include washing machines, conveying systems, drying units, and control mechanisms. They are designed to ensure high efficiency, hygiene, and operational productivity.

  8. Glass Bottle Cleaning Procedures: Glass bottle cleaning procedures involve a series of steps to remove dirt, dust, labels, and other contaminants from the external surfaces of glass bottles. These procedures typically involve the use of washing machines, detergents, water sprays, brushes, or other cleaning techniques. Proper cleaning procedures are crucial to ensure the hygiene and reusability of glass bottles.

  9. External Surface Cleaning of Glass Bottles: External surface cleaning of glass bottles refers to the process of eliminating dirt, dust, labels, and other impurities from the outer surfaces of the bottles. This cleaning process enhances the appearance of the glass bottles, improves hygiene levels, and prepares the bottles for reuse or refilling.

  10. Glass Bottle Hygiene: Glass bottle hygiene focuses on the cleaning and disinfection of glass bottles to ensure the safe storage and consumption of beverages. Glass bottle washing machines and cleaning procedures play a vital role in achieving hygienic standards for the bottles.

  11. Glass Bottle Sanitization: Glass bottle sanitization involves the process of disinfecting glass bottles to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Sanitization is an essential step to maintain the hygiene and safety of the bottles, particularly in food and beverage industries.

  12. Glass Bottle Washing Machine Prices: Glass bottle washing machine prices refer to the cost or pricing information associated with the purchase or rental of these machines. The prices may vary depending on factors such as the machine's capacity, features, brand, and market conditions.

  13. Glass Bottle Cleaning Procedures: Glass bottle cleaning procedures entail the step-by-step instructions for effectively cleaning glass bottles. These procedures outline the usage of washing machines, cleaning agents, rinsing techniques, drying methods, and quality control measures to ensure thorough and hygienic cleaning.

  14. Machine Selection for Glass Bottle Cleaning: Machine selection for glass bottle cleaning involves the process of choosing the most suitable washing machine based on specific requirements. Factors such as bottle size, production capacity, cleaning efficiency, and budget considerations play a role in the decision-making process.

  15. Industrial Bottle Washing Machines: Industrial bottle washing machines are specialized equipment designed for large-scale cleaning operations in industrial settings. These machines are capable of handling high volumes of bottles and incorporate advanced cleaning technologies to ensure efficient and hygienic cleaning.


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