Capping Machine

Capping Machine :

Model: SVM-CM001

Technical Specifications:

  1. Our Main construction of the machine made from Stainless Steel AISI304.
  2. The machine used to close and seal screw caps and plastic caps for bottles.
  3. Cap closing  process  through linear line system.
  4. The machine can be synchronized with the automatic filling machine.
  5. Without making any changes the machine can work on cylinder , oval , square and rectangular shaped bottles.
  6. Reducer motors ( varvel-Italy)
  7. PLC system and frequency drivers (OMRON – Japan)
  8. Pneumatic system  and connectors (SMC-Japan ).
  9. Capacity : 2700 bottle / hr


  1. Lid Closing Machine: A lid closing machine is a device used in industrial settings to automatically seal or close lids on various containers such as bottles, jars, or cans. It ensures secure and consistent closure, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of packaging processes.

  2. Automatic Lid Closing Machine: An automatic lid closing machine is a specialized equipment that performs the lid closing process without manual intervention. It is designed to automatically detect and position lids, apply the necessary sealing pressure or torque, and achieve consistent results. This type of machine is widely used in high-volume production lines to streamline packaging operations.

  3. Industrial Lid Closing Machine: An industrial lid closing machine is a heavy-duty machine specifically designed for use in large-scale manufacturing or packaging facilities. It is built to handle high-speed lid closing operations and can accommodate various container sizes and lid types. These machines often incorporate advanced features such as automatic lid feeding, precise torque control, and integration into production lines.

  4. Lid Closing Machine Prices: Lid closing machine prices refer to the cost associated with purchasing or acquiring a lid closing machine. The prices can vary depending on factors such as the machine's capacity, automation level, technological features, and the manufacturer or supplier. It is advisable to consider the specific requirements of your operation and compare prices from different sources to make an informed purchasing decision.

  5. Semi-Automatic Lid Closing Machine: A semi-automatic lid closing machine combines manual and automated processes. It typically requires an operator to place the containers and lids onto the machine, while the machine performs the lid closing action. This type of machine offers a balance between cost-effectiveness and productivity and is suitable for smaller-scale operations with moderate production volumes.

  6. Lid Closing Machine Sales: Lid closing machine sales refer to the process of selling or purchasing lid closing machines. This can involve manufacturers, distributors, or resellers offering a range of machine options to potential buyers. The sales process may include providing information about machine specifications, customization options, pricing, warranty terms, and after-sales support.

  7. Lid Closing Machine Manufacturers: Lid closing machine manufacturers are companies that specialize in designing, producing, and supplying lid closing machines. They typically offer a variety of machine models with different features and capabilities to cater to the diverse needs of industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals. Examples of lid closing machine manufacturers include well-established industry leaders and innovative niche players.

  8. Lid Closing Machine Automation: Lid closing machine automation refers to the integration of advanced technologies and control systems to automate the lid closing process. This can include features like automatic lid feeding, lid detection, torque control, and real-time monitoring. Automation improves productivity, accuracy, and consistency while reducing reliance on manual labor and minimizing the risk of errors.

  9. Lid Closing Machine Features: Lid closing machine features encompass the specific characteristics and functionalities of the machine. These can include adjustable sealing pressure or torque settings, compatibility with different lid types and sizes, user-friendly interfaces, safety features, ease of maintenance, and options for customization or integration into existing production lines. Understanding the features helps users select the appropriate machine for their specific requirements.

  10. Lid Closing Machine Import: Lid closing machine import refers to the process of bringing lid closing machines from foreign countries into a particular market. Importing machines can provide access to a wider range of options, competitive pricing, or specialized technology. It involves complying with import regulations, customs procedures, and potentially collaborating with international suppliers or agents.

  11. Buy Lid Closing Machine: Buying a lid closing machine involves the process of selecting and purchasing a suitable machine for a specific application. This includes evaluating machine specifications, comparing prices, considering after-sales support, and making a decision based on factors such as budget, production requirements, available space, and long-term operational needs.

  12. Lid Closing Machine Production: Lid closing machine production refers to the manufacturing process of these machines. It involves designing and assembling the necessary components, integrating automation systems, conducting quality control measures, and ensuring compliance with industry standards. The production process aims to deliver reliable, efficient, and high-performance lid closing machines to meet the demands of various industries.


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