Electric Heat Tunnel

Hot Air Heat Tunnel   (Electrical)   
-Model : SVM-ET001


  1. Our Main construction of the machine made from Stainless Steel AISI304.
  2. Sleeve label shrinking processed  through linear  system.
  3. The machine can shrink  sleeve label on glass , plastic , PET , PE and metal products.
  4. Round  type Electric resistances
  5. Air temperature up to 300ºC  .
  6. The tunnel´s Temperature can be adjustable and measured by thermostat.
  7. The design of the tunnel allow perfect air circulation
  8. Conveyor and fan controlled by Frequency Inverter
  9. The tunnel is isolated (Double walled )
  10. CE certificated



Ürün Bilgi

Model Rezistans adetleri Enerji Tüketimi Voltaj Kapasite (adet/saatte) Ölçüleri (cm) Ağırlık
SVM-ET001 10 x 1000 W 10.37 KW 380 v -3PH : 220V Max. 5000 45 x 400 x 180 350 Kg


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