Hot Air Heat Tunnel

Hot Air Heat Tunnel   (Electrical)   
-Model : SVM-ET001

  1. Our Main construction of the machine made from Stainless Steel AISI304.
  2. Sleeve label shrinking processed  through linear  system.
  3. The machine can shrink  sleeve label on glass , plastic , PET , PE and metal products.
  4. Round  type Electric resistances
  5. Air temperature up to 300ºC  .
  6. The tunnel´s Temperature can be adjustable and measured by thermostat.
  7. The design of the tunnel allow perfect air circulation
  8. Conveyor and fan controlled by Frequency Inverter
  9. The tunnel is isolated (Double walled )
  10. CE certificated
  1. Hot Air Heat Tunnel: A hot air heat tunnel is a machine or system used for applying heat to products or packaging materials using a stream of hot air. It is commonly employed in various industries for tasks such as shrink-wrapping, sealing, labeling, drying, or tamper-evident packaging.

  2. Heat Tunnel Machine: A heat tunnel machine refers to the equipment specifically designed to create a controlled environment where products or packaging materials can be exposed to hot air for various purposes. It typically consists of a heating element, a conveyor system, and temperature controls.

  3. Industrial Heat Tunnel: An industrial heat tunnel is a large-scale heat tunnel system designed for heavy-duty applications in industrial settings. These tunnels are capable of handling high production volumes, accommodating larger products, and providing efficient and consistent heat distribution.

  4. Hot Air Shrinking Tunnel: A hot air shrinking tunnel is a type of heat tunnel used primarily for shrink-wrapping applications. The hot air generated within the tunnel causes the shrink film to contract tightly around the product, providing a secure and protective seal.

  5. Heat Tunnel System: A heat tunnel system encompasses the complete setup required for heat-related processes, typically involving the use of hot air. It includes the heat tunnel machine itself, auxiliary equipment such as conveyors, temperature control mechanisms, and any associated safety features.

  6. Hot Air Convection Tunnel: A hot air convection tunnel is a heat tunnel that utilizes the principle of convection to evenly distribute hot air throughout the tunnel. This ensures uniform heating and consistent results across the products or packaging materials passing through the tunnel.

  7. Heat Tunnel for Packaging: A heat tunnel specifically designed for packaging applications, such as shrink-wrapping or sealing. It provides controlled heat exposure to packaging materials, allowing them to conform to the product shape or create a secure seal.

  8. Shrink Wrapping Heat Tunnel: A heat tunnel used primarily for shrink-wrapping processes. It applies hot air to the shrink film surrounding the product, causing the film to shrink tightly and conform to the product's contours.

  9. Heat Tunnel Conveyor: A heat tunnel conveyor refers to the conveyor system integrated with a heat tunnel machine. It transports products or packaging materials through the tunnel, ensuring continuous and controlled exposure to the hot air.

  10. Heat Tunnel Temperature Control: Heat tunnel temperature control mechanisms regulate and maintain the desired temperature inside the tunnel. This ensures consistent and precise heating for optimal results, preventing overheating or inadequate heating of the products or packaging materials.

  11. Hot Air Circulation Tunnel: A hot air circulation tunnel is a heat tunnel that incorporates a system for circulating hot air within the tunnel chamber. This promotes even heat distribution and minimizes temperature variations, ensuring uniform heating across all parts of the products or packaging materials.

  12. Heat Tunnel Sealing: Heat tunnel sealing refers to the process of using a heat tunnel to create a secure and tamper-evident seal on packaging materials. The application of heat causes the sealing layer, such as adhesive or shrink film, to bond or shrink, providing a reliable seal.

  13. Heat Tunnel for Product Labeling: A heat tunnel specifically designed for product labeling applications. It uses hot air to activate or set the adhesive on labels, ensuring secure attachment to the product surface.

  14. Heat Tunnel for Product Drying: A heat tunnel used for drying processes, such as removing moisture or curing coatings on products. The controlled application of hot air accelerates the drying process, enhancing productivity and quality.

  15. Heat Tunnel for Tamper-Evident Packaging: A heat tunnel designed to facilitate the creation of tamper-evident packaging. By applying heat to specialized tamper-evident seals or bands, the heat tunnel ensures their proper activation and secure integration with the packaging, providing evidence of product tampering if compromised.


Product Information

Model Rezistans adetleri Enerji Tüketimi Voltaj Kapasite (adet/saatte) Ölçüleri (cm) Ağırlık
SVM-ET001 10 x 1000 W 10.37 KW 380 v -3PH : 220V Max. 5000 45 x 400 x 180 350 Kg


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