Temper Evident Application Machine

Automatic Tamper Evident Applicator

-Model: SVM-EB100

Technical specifications:

  1. Our machine is manufactured from stainless steel AISI 304. other parts made from hard anodizing aluminum that has high wearing resistance.
  2. Sleeve label applied on products automatically through linear line system.
  3. The machine is designed to apply the temper evident labels on glass , plastic , PET , PE and metal products.
  4. It is designed in accordance with the principles of fast, high quality and efficient production
  5. The machine contains 1 guide and 1 blade box
  6. With range 40mm to 250 mm the length of the products can be adjust by moving the main block upwards and downwards automatically.
  7. The machine contains 4 servo motors. (brand: Omron-Japan)
  8. The machine contains 2 reducer motor (brand: VARVEL Italy)
  9. The separating distance between the sleeve labels must be 4-5 mm
  10. PLC System and all the Electric drives and components. (brand: Omron-Japan)
  11. Our machine can work on Product´s diameters with range from Ø40 mm to Ø120 mm with suitable equipment’s (guide and blades´ box) you can change easily between the products by changing the related equipment.
  12. The parameters and setting for different types of products can be saved on the memory of the PLC system.
  13. CE certificated.


Product Information

Model Ürün Çap(mm) Energy consumption Voltage Air Pressure Dimensions (cm) Weight
SVM-E100 Ø40-Ø120 1.8 KW 380 v -3PH   192x85x225 600 Kg
SVM-E200 Ø40-Ø120 0.18 KW 380 v -3PH 6 bar 70x130x190 500 Kg


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