Temper Evident Application Tunnel

Temper Evident Application Tunnel

Technical Specifications :

  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction or optionally black steel construction statically painted
  • Related to the height of the product the height  of the tunnel can be adjested  up and down
  • Round  type resistance
  • Resistances that can be adjusted according to the product
  • The ability to circulate hot air inside (ENERGY SAVING)
  • Conveyors and fans controlled by Frequency Inverter
  • The tunnel is double-walled with insulation material and it has the characteristic of not to transfer  heat outside.
  • TAMPER EVİDENT APPLICATOR TUNEL closed to CE norms (optional) to provide safety and environmental cleanliness. SLEEVE MAK products have 7/24 service periodical maintenance guarantee of customer satisfaction.


Ürün Bilgi

Item Width Tunnel Dimensions Approximate Weight Machine Dimensions
175 mm 500X1000X500 mm 300 kg 500X2250X1650(h) mm


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